Calling All Change Agents: The New Normal Needs You

Adapted from original article in Network Under 40Excuse me, have we met? Weren’t you the one questioning leadership at the last company town hall? The so-called “squeaky wheel” that’s forever pushing back on the status quo? The person that the organization has learned...

The Power of Literacy to Transform Our Future

The first two decades of the 21st Century have proven to be a time of radical change and transformation for humanity. Healthcare has made incredible leaps in eradicating age-old diseases through bioengineering and genome editing. Global economic development has lifted...

Not Just Competitive Intelligence, but Futures Intelligence

VUCA—volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous—is an acronym coined by the U.S. military to describe the geo-political environment after the Cold War. Today, business leaders have adopted the term to describe their Monday mornings. In such an environment, where does... | 407-818-1598
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