The Futures School provides the best value and most competitive price for a multi-day certificate program in Strategic Foresight. Still, we recognize that many individuals seeking to leverage the skills of foresight might find such industry-leading training cost-prohibitive.

That’s why we’ve created the Kedge Forward Fund: an innovative and holistic pricing model that aims to make foresight attainable to as large and diverse a group as possible. We want everyone to be able to think like a futurist to seize opportunities and solve grand challenges.

Click to watch Kedge Principals Frank Spencer and Yvette Montero Salvatico explain how the Kedge Forward Fund helps fulfill their vision of democratizing foresight.

How does it work?

Fill out your TFS application

Fill out the Kedge Forward Fund request (below)

Choose the tuition assistance tier best aligned with your needs and situation


After the deadline, we will review all requests and put together the largest and
most professionally diverse cohort the Fund can allow.

Request Submission Deadlines

TFS Orlando

Applications are due February 28, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called the Kedge Forward Fund?

The Futures School is a training program pioneered by Kedge, a global foresight, innovation, creativity, and strategic design firm.

The word “kedge” speaks to a core part of our mission. A kedge is a small anchor on a sailing vessel used when there is no wind at sea. A small crew would take a rowboat in the direction they wanted the ship to go, and drop the kedge anchor. The vessel could then pull itself to its destination.

Likewise, we created the Kedge Forward Fund to enable people to pull themselves to their desired future through the training they receive at The Futures School.

Is the Kedge Forward Fund available for all TFS sessions?

Currently, KFF is available for U.S.-based programs only. If you are interested in tuition assistance for a program outside of the U.S., please contact so we can put you in touch with our international partners.

How much is in the Fund?

We’ve seeded the Fund with $15,000 USD for each U.S.-based session. Our goal is to impact as many individuals as possible with this amount. Thus, we are likely to fund a higher amount of Tier 1 requests so that a greater number of people have the opportunity to create the future. Learn more about the tiers below.

What are the tuition assistance options available?

The Kedge Forward Fund is structured in three tuition assistance tiers. On the KFF application, you will select the funding tier that best aligns with your needs and situation:

  • Tier 1: I am employed at a for-profit organization that will fund only a portion of my tuition, and I do not qualify for the group rate.
    • KFF Request = $500 | My Responsibility = $2,450
  • Tier 2: I am self-funded, and/or I am employed at a non-profit.
    • KFF Request = $1,500 | My Responsibility = $1,450
  • Tier 3: I am a self-funded social innovator that resides outside the United States.
    • KFF Request = $2,450 | My Responsibility = $500


Do you partially fund requests?

No, we do not. We evaluate all funding requests simultaneously in order to curate the most diverse cohort. If your request is granted, the tier you chose is the amount you will receive — no more, no less. There will be no negotiation of the tuition fee in order to uphold the integrity of the curation process.

How do you evaluate the applications?

1. Makeup of the cohort: we aim to curate a group of participants that is diverse in terms of industry, background, desired outcomes, and worldview. Having representation from across these dimensions is key to a successful TFS program, so these factors will be considered when distributing the fund.
2. Your resource constraints: we rely on your honest and candid description of why you are submitting the request.
3. Size of the request: smaller amounts will be given priority in order to fulfill as many requests as possible. (Please view the “What are the tuition assistance options available?” FAQ tab for more information.)
4. Potential for impact: our goal for the Kedge Forward Fund is to democratize foresight and reach those individuals and organizations primed to transform the world with futures thinking.

What happens after I apply?

We will evaluate all requests concurrently after the deadline and curate the largest and most diverse cohort the Fund will allow.

We will let you know within 10 business days after the deadline if your request was granted.

The identities of all applicants and recipients will be kept confidential unless an individual explicitly gives us permission to share their story for the benefit of other aspiring futurists.

What if I apply for KFF and then can't attend the session?

When you apply to the Kedge Forward Fund, you are committing to attend the session. If you aren’t sure you’ll be able to attend the session, please do not submit an application at this time.

If your request is granted, you are responsible for paying the amount specified as “My Responsibility” in the tier you chose. This holistic funding model allows us to weigh all requests equally and develop the most diverse cohort possible. Further, this unique process only functions if applicants follow through on their commitment to join us — we are unable to redistribute funds to other applicants after selection is complete.

Can I transfer my request to another TFS session?

No, you may not. Funding requests are specific to a particular TFS Session and are not transferable. Once you submit your request, you are committed to attending all 3 days of your chosen session if your request is granted.

Submit a Kedge Forward Fund Request

Please note: You must apply for The Futures School before submitting a Fund request. By submitting a request, you are committed to attend the session if your request is granted.

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