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The field of Strategic Foresight was born decades ago. The reason that it’s not yet a household term is because it has been
relegated to academic circles and small teams within large corporations. But today, in this increasingly volatile, uncertain,
complex and ambiguous environment, it’s much more obvious that every organization, and every individual, needs foresight. It's the key to success in the 21st century and beyond.

Using foresight to navigate uncertainty

Using foresight to create the next big thing

Using foresight to facilitate change in your organization

Using foresight to map your future

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Meet the Leaders of The Futures School South Africa

Instead of relegating access to Strategic Foresight knowledge to small groups of academics and theorists, The Futures School aims to create as many practical futures thinkers as possible around the world. Meet the people who brought this movement to Africa.

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The Futures School is a 3-day course in Strategic Foresight. It's a practical, hands-on program that has been proven effective in 23 countries worldwide. You will leave with the tools, the mindset, and the network you need to ensure success in an age of increasing uncertainty.
Seats are limited to 25 delegates so don’t miss this opportunity and book your seat today! 

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Wilhelmina Linell: +27 82 813 3109
TFS Whatsapp: +27 84 606 0101

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Upcoming Sessions:

31 October - 2 November 2018

Location: Johannesburg, TBC

21 - 23 November 2018

Location: Johannesburg, TBC

20 - 22 March 2019

Location: Johannesburg, TBC

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What Alumni Are Saying about The Futures School

''The beauty of this course at TFS is it brings a very academic and complicated future and thinking into something that's really practical, and that you can meaningfully use in your daily life, and certainly in your profession, and definitely build it into businesses.''

Steve Mills | 
Finance Professional - 30 years in field

''What I particularly appreciated about The Futures School is that in 3 days, they explained concepts that we spent 6 weeks on that made no sense to me in business school.''

Charlotte Kemp | "Futures Alchemist" and Professional Speaker

''I really enjoyed the programme and it has broadened my scanning and thinking as a result. It was well worth it and will highly recommend it to other people.''

Claire Bisseker | Economic Editor FM SA and Author of On the Brink

''I was really inspired and have literally felt the way in which I think changing. The Future's School provides a forward thinking and strategic view on how organizations can compete in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments. As the Chief Growth Officer of a disruptive and innovative Fintec company, the insights gained through this process have provided the necessary tools to maximise long term growth.''

Lee Ann Lancaster | Chief Growth Officer

Meet the Team

 Wilhelmina Linell

Wilhelmina Linell


Wilhelmina graduated from North West University in Industrial Communication (Honors) and Stellenbosch University Business School with a PG Dip in Future Studies. As CEO of The Futures School South Africa and foresight practitioner her mission is to creatively develop ideas with entrepreneurs, individuals, teams  and organisations to make the world a better place. She is a innovation-aficionado and current fan on The Kings of Leon, ballet dancer Sergei Polunia (still), Marvel’s Wonder Woman and Heike Allerton’s art.

Liesl Cronje

Liesl Cronje

Narrative Transformation Programme

Liesl Cronje is Brand Architect, Mentor, and Coach to the courageous and wild at heart. As Narrative Transformation specialists she guides scholars, students, mold breakers and start-up entrepreneurs towards their unique selling proposition. Liesl graduated from the North West University in Industrial and
Personnel Psychology and Strong Foundation Academy with a Diploma in Coaching. Her twenty-six-year career thus far includes narratives as HR practitioner, PR executive, training workshop facilitator and practitioner coach and facilitator. She is an art lover, tango dancer and nature explorer and your
future story inspires her! She works with The Futures School SA team to bring the futures thinking programme to the youth in South Africa.

 Mikael Linell

Mikael Linell

Executive Director

Mikael is the founder and Chairman of Linovator, a company and team focused on innovation and supporting founders of early stage businesses. He is an executive director of The Futures School South Africa, the CEO of Enertricity (a renewable energy company), the founder an innovator of Swedish pharmaceutical company Secuvie, and strategic foresight practitioner. His mission is to assist professionals and CEOs to achieve meaning in their work. Mikael graduated from IHTTI in Switzerland.

Anna-lize Pretorius

Anna-lize Pretorius

Marketing, Communication and Events

Anna-lize’s passion and experience for brand management started in 26 years ago when she joined TV1(SABC2) Promo Department, directing various advertising promos and inserts. Her focus moved from the television industry to events when the opportunity came up to start her own marketing and events company, ASAH Marketing and Events. She has 15 years’ experience in building company’s brands, strengthening public relations and creates awareness via events, conferences, exhibitions, festival and sports events. She loves connecting the dots, initiating new and fresh ideas, connecting people and creating opportunities for businesses, artists and NGO’s to work together resulting in profitable relationships.

Dr. Marié-Luce Kühn

Dr. Marié-Luce Kühn


Marié-Luce is a founder and director of IBIS™. She is also a trend spotter, strategist, lecturer and competitive intelligence fundi and published author. Her career started in competitive intelligence and she recently became involved with The Futures School™ South Africa as advisor and shareholder. Marié-Luce holds a PhD (International Trade) from the North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus) and was awarded the Absa Bronze Medal for Best Masters Dissertation in the Humanities.

wilhelmina@thefuturesschool.com  |  Wilhemina Linell: +27 82 813 3109  |  TFS Whatsapp: +27 84 606 0101
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