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to plan, lead, innovate, inspire – to change the world. If your inner voice is screaming, “YES!” you are in the right place.

What can the futures school help you fuel?

The Futures School (TFS) is a learning and development ecosystem fueled by foresight. TFS empowers you to create the world you know is possible. Today’s accelerated, volatile environment demands that we define, design, refine and reframe our strategies, outcomes and actions.

Rather than relying on our antiquated, quantitative-based approaches, what if we fueled our organizations, institutions, systems, and leaders with foresight?

The future isn’t something to fear. It’s an opportunity to create. Your better way starts now…

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Two participants review their work at a Driver's Wheels chart.

Begin creating the future today…

  • Learning Events Lifelong learning, unlearning, and relearning means foresight professionals should never stop seeking out growth opportunities. TFS offers a variety of learning experiences, each catering to unique learning styles, developmental objectives, and geographies.
  • Professional Certification TFS offers a pathway to professional certification in Natural Foresight® – a practical and proven approach to applying Strategic Foresight in organizational and personal contexts.
  • Custom Engagements We offer customized engagements and capacity-building programs to foster innovation, strengthen strategy development, and transform organizational culture.
Frank explains a futures thinking concept to a participant, the participant referencing a question on his laptop
Frank explains a futures thinking concept to a participant, both are smiling and laughing

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Actionable steps for foresight implementation

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An assortment of experiential toys that we include on our tables for in-person sessions. An eight ball is an ironic inclusion because we cannot predict the future. Play dough and legos allow us to build and have fun while in the training. Post it notes and markers allow participants to take notes.

Guided by globally-recognized foresight experts, TFS events have been described as immersive, entertaining, and life-changing. Whether online or in-person, in-house or public-facing, TFS offerings will transport you to the future so you can make better decisions in the present.

A participant points at a completed futures wheels chart, a tool that allows users to map implications of an issue or pattern.

Our trademarked Natural Foresight® framework is designed to work in complex, real-world settings. Equipped with this repeatable process, you can begin driving business results right away.

A gallery screenshot from one of our virtual sessions featuring the team and several participants, smiling in excitement.

The movement spearheaded by TFS has spread to every corner of the globe, creating a community of change agents who speak a common language. Whether you are seeking new career opportunities, practical foresight advice, or support from your co-conspirators, choosing TFS means you’re never alone.

Certified Foresight Practitioner Katie McPherson writes on a chart in a bright red blazer. She has set herself apart with a CFP designation.

Demonstrate that you have achieved the highest levels of rigor in your applied foresight practice with the only professional certification underwritten by the Global Foresight Advisory Council of practicing foresight professionals.

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Applied Foresight Activator

The Futures School Applied Foresight Activator allows learners from across the globe to access on-demand, virtual, live content to support their foresight capacity building.

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Online 6-Month Live

Futures x Design

Futures x Design is a brand new two day, immersive, design-driven workshop that provides a hands-on introduction to the basics of leveraging speculative futuring for personal and professional success.

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Online Live

Latest Webcast

Conversation with Peachie Dioquino-Valera

We gathered the Global Foresight Advisory Council and a few alumni to participate in an inspirational discussion with Peachie Dioquino-Valera joining us from the Philippines. Topics included Peachie’s involvement with Climate Works, her focus on inspiring youth to have agency in their futures, the importance of decolonizing the future and…

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REFRAME Magazine

Current Theme:
Democratized Discovery (2.3)

Democratized Discovery: Foresight-Fueled Action

We’ve reframed Frankenstein’s Lab as Democratized Discovery using Strategic Foresight tools. We at The Futures School believe in the power of transformationalist foresight– pulling our aspirational, sustainable visions of the future to today. We call this practice Creating the Future Today. Defining value in a post-normal world In order to democratize and co-create the future, we must address and integrate a shift in value generation. The ideas have historically guided what we value — hierarchical…

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Multi-Faceted Strategic Responses

Strategic Foresight is most powerful as an operating system, managing our processes through the lens of the future. In a VUCA world, the most important leadership skill is the ability to effectively manage, harness and leverage the constant change around us — and this can be done through foresight. Read on and listen to this week’s episode to understand why mapping across futures takes strategic planning to the next level. Which world will emerge? There are…

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President and CEO of the Orlando Economic Partnership’s Tim Giuliani and Kedge…

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“I couldn’t anticipate the amount of insights, inspiration and tools that we received during this training. I now have a solid framework that upgrades my way of helping organizations with their strategic planning.”

Mia Liljeberg Strategic Advisor, Force Agile

“A powerful way to deconstruct our biases and environmental variables to predict various future scenarios that affect our long-term vision and mission.”

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