Foresight Integration Training (F.I.T.)

As Frank and I travel across the globe speaking to organizations and conference delegates, the most common question we hear is “How do I bring futures thinking back to my company?” or “How can I practice strategic foresight in my personal life?”In response to this pressing need, we convened an advanced practitioner training session (open to our Kedge and TFS alumni) focused on practical steps to integrate the tools and methodologies of foresight.

The Futures School Metro Detroit: Mapping the Future of Education

Over the three days in Detroit, the unique TFS toolkit was used to uncover assumptions and biases; scan the external environment for drivers, trends and patterns of change; map implications to develop divergent scenarios of the focal issue; and, discuss strategic design tools. Within small groups, participants explored the future of education through either a transformative, market or fortress world lens.

Advancing into the Future: The 21st Century Change Management Professional

While we work with clients across all industries and sectors, there are certain individuals who “take” to Strategic Foresight based on the nature of their role. To that end, it is no surprise that change management professionals recognize the power of foresight when they are responsible for the design and implementation of change efforts both large and small.