Can You “Future Proof”​ Your Design Strategies?

A failure of imagination is the undoing of many great design strategies. At Priority Designs we are often asked to participate in or lead design strategy creation. Business leaders naturally want to reduce risk and base their design strategies on data that is verifiable and quantifiable.

Foresight = Data + Intuition + Research + Creativity

In a recent Forbes article, Industrial and Organizational Psychologist, Sesil Pir, toutes why foresight is a critical skill set for all 21st century leaders. “We never experienced the volatility, ambiguity and complexity in managing all of our tasks. It is no secret we all struggle to find the capacity to meet different demands in our roles and have a growing need to be able to think and decide more holistically.” We could not agree more with Pir’s statement. We need…

ICI Webcast: Strategic Foresight – How to Achieve a Forward Looking Perspective

In 2017, Yvette Montero Salvatico, Co-Founder of The Futures School, conducted a webinar for the Institute for Competitive Intelligence on, “Strategic Foresight – How to Achieve a Forward Looking Perspective.” In this presentation, Yvette explained how a foresight mindset and toolkit propels us from competitive intelligence toward futures intelligence.

Navigating the Future of Brands

Last month, Kedge had the honor of partnering with branding firm, Picnic, to host The Future of Brands event in Madrid, Spain. Marketing professionals, brand executives and creatives from across multiple industries joined us for two days of thought-provoking foresight imagining the future worlds that brands will need to prepare for. The topic is timely as most organizations we partner with share that maintaining relevancy is leadership’s top concern.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

An abundance of questions surrounds the future of AI. Is it a threat or opportunity? Will it destroy or enhance humanity? How will it affect politics, laws, jobs, health, transportation, business and other facets of our lives? Will our AI future bear more resemblance to a utopian unfolding of The Jetsons or develop into the dark, dystopia displayed in The Terminator? AI technology promises to alter every industry and field as it transforms our individual lives – and even possibly…

Why is Decision Intelligence a New Field?

Image via Originally appeared as a guest post (9/18/18) on our colleague Lorien Pratt’s website. Check out the introduction to Lorien’s soon-to-be-released book, Link | How Decision Intelligence Connects Data, Actions, and Outcomes for a Better World, where The Futures School founders are quoted.   One of the first questions that occurred to me during my summer internship this year was “what is Decision Intelligence”?  And is it really so different than AI? As part of my blog series,…