Sense, Mesh, and Transform: The Natural Foresight® Mindsets

To drive value in an ever-changing world of increasing chaos, complexity and contradictions, we must adopt new ways of thinking that will guide our actions for breakthroughs. The Natural Foresight® framework behavioral competencies include three mindsets that are necessary to harness and leverage this world of complexity: sensing, meshing, and transformation.

The Origins of Natural Foresight®

The Natural Foresight® Framework mirrors complex systems and, ultimately, the model of the nested panarchy. This excerpt from The Guide to the Natural Foresight Framework explains the theories supporting the Natural Foresight® Framework. It discusses how the framework not only helps us to leverage complexity as a foundational principle for robust foresight, but it also provides a practical and intuitive approach to futures literacy.

Emergent Learning

The learning environment cultivated inside of an organization either enables or deters leaders from growing and transforming their capabilities. We came across Sahana Chattopadhyay’s Medium article (published July 31st), “Six Enablers of Emergent Learning” which beautifully speaks to organizational culture’s influence on leadership inclusive of underlying principles that are critical to foresight.