The Shift

Right now, the world feels like it has shifted a bit on its axis. It is as if someone flicked the globe with their fingers bouncing us back and forth. Soon the world will settle on a new axis point. As a result, our new normal will emerge and everything we know to be true today is open to a new interpretation.

Stimulate the Future

Yvette Montero Salvatico, TFS Co-Founder, and Kim Nesbitt, Senior Risk Management Consultant for Halvik and TFS Alumni, engage in a rich conversation in The Future Speaks webcast.

Foresight in the Garden of Good and Evil

If an extraterrestrial came to Earth and studied our viewing habits, they would probably be puzzled at this preoccupation that our world is definitely doomed, and the only question is how it will meet its end. Our seeming obsession with our demise has spread across all other areas of our lives, until we are surrounded by a pessimistic view of our world in general.