2020 Hindsight

As we seek to gain clarity amidst the unprecedented impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is clear many were caught off guard, seemingly unprepared to deal with a global crisis of this nature.

A Transformationalist’s Guide To Saving The Future

Old systems that were built on mindsets of linear thinking, simplistic viewpoints and predictable models act as traps that keep us from evolving past short-term strategies, fear-based governance and “fight and flight” reactions.

Reimagining Life in the Cloud

Many are wondering what is in store for humanity after The Great Pause. Beyond asking “When?” Or “How?”, a better question may be, “Where will our futures take place?”

Creating Foresight-Fueled Action: Radha Mistry

In this conversation with Kedge Principal Frank Spencer, Futurist Radha Mistry shares her ideas about the evolution of human development in virtual worlds. Topics covered include the future of the digital landscape, adopting new metaphors for online embodiment, and the importance of democratizing foresight in every environment.

Turning the Page

I was on a call with a client we worked with years ago. They reached out for support facilitating an upcoming webinar – Leading into the Future – that they are hosting for their teams across the US. As we were reconnecting at the start of the meeting (sharing quarantine stories and those moments of empathy that have become the norm these days – even in business calls) I shared something that was top of mind.

Digital Immortality in Times of Pandemic

Is there post-biological life? Since the beginning of humanity, we have pondered this question. Aside from the religious and philosophical implications, we must now explore the influence of the digital realm. Could we become digitally immortal?

Driving Impact in Personal Career Development

Strategic Foresight is the key to reframing our outdated, Industrial Age processes that are no longer effective in our Postnormal environment (Sardar, 2010). One such antiquated process is career development.