Embracing a Transformational Mindset

Early in the 20th century, Austrian-born economist Joseph Schumpeter coined the phrase ‘creative destruction’ to describe the disruptive process of ongoing technological and economic innovation within capitalism.

Creating Strategy in a VUCA World

The ideas that have historically guided us — hierarchical structures of society and organizations, top-down governance, segmented industries, intellectual property, personal ownership — are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

Why “That’s Crazy” Is Critical To Good Strategic Foresight

When sharing this concept with clients from many different industries and sectors, I often begin by telling them that my first reaction to this phrase was probably the same as the one they are presently experiencing: “The only idea that is ridiculous is this saying!

TFS and DFI Partnership Announcement

As part of The Futures School’s learning ecosystem, the Speculative Futures Program is a hands-on, immersive experience that makes designing and prototyping the future applicable to the goals of today’s organizations and initiatives.