Creating Foresight-Fueled Action: Andrés Valencia

On this episode of Creating Foresight-Fueled Action, Frank Spencer met with Change Consulting Co-Founder Andrès Valenica to discuss Strategic Innovation in Latin America. The pair discussed how awareness of “the great, complex journey that is life” is the root of futures consciousness. Andrès explained that democratizing the future in Latin America “isn’t just about accessibility, it’s also about responsibility… we need to develop the Spanish vocabulary and language to discuss foresight across LatAm.” The interview concluded with a discussion about this month’s Wicked Opportunity, the Global Brain, and Andrès wondered, “How do you teach AI and machine learning technology to think with culture?” Listen to their illuminating conversation.

Andrés Valencia headshot

Andrès Valencia

Co-Founder and Team Principal, Change Consulting

Andrès Valencia is co-founder and team principal at Change Consulting, a Strategic Innovation and Futures exploration consultancy for private and public organizations in multiple sectors and industries, including various government ministries in Latin American countries. He is also a visiting professor at postgraduate business and design schools for universities in Mexico and Latin America. Andrès founded the first Latin American chapter of the global community Speculative Futures and is board advisor for The Design Futures Initiative and Latam regional director. With 11 years of experience in strategic consulting, Andrés is an international speaker and facilitator with a portfolio of projects in more than 10 countries.