Creating Foresight-Fueled Action with Simone Rosati

Originally recorded August 6,2021

Simone Rosati is a charismatic and inspirational coach and consultant. His deep knowledge in complexity and personal development shined through when he attended our Foundations in Natural Foresight® (previously Applied Foresight Accelerator) for the EMEA region. Simone’s curiosities about consciousness and co-creative futures aligns with our values at TFS. We were honored to speak to him about these topics emerging in the field of foresight.

In this episode of Creating Foresight-Fueled Action, Frank speaks with Simone about personal futures and the act of embodying a liminal space in the present where the future is written. While you may have heard us talk about meditation as a practice for mindfulness, we’re sure it will be the first time you hear someone connect juggling as a practice for thinking in simultaneous multiples! Watch their fascinating and insightful conversation below.

Simone Rosati headshot

Simone Rosati

Soft & Strategic Skills Consultant
Certified Foresight Practitioner

Philosopher of Science, PhD in Complexity and Integral Studies, Executive MBA, Long-term Meditator, Juggler, Singer, Professional Mental Athlete, International Soft & Strategic Skills Consultant, Integral Coach, Exponential Organization Consultant, Foresight Practitioner.

Simone has started his journey in PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT when he was 15 years old and never stopped. He thinks LIFE has an UNDENIABLE & “DRAMATIC” DIRECTIONALITY: increasing complexity, consciousness and co-existence.

Simone has created a sin-topic© vision for the XXIcent, the so-called Vision21©: a plausible scenario of a post-scarcity / conflict/ ideology, multi-planetary, Kardashev type-I humanity.

Simone is also creating the SuperStar21© International Community: attentive, evolving, debiased, participatory and happy people willing to enact Vision21© by following the 4C model of Leadership

1. Comprehend the world
2. Cultivate your personal growth
3. Collaborate with others
4. Contribute for the future