A Message from the Founders

Greetings everyone, and thank you for your interest in The Futures School.

Our vision for a multifaceted and transdisciplinary learning platform that is “fueled by foresight” was many years in the making. It emerged from a realization that a gap exists between our increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world and the antiquated approaches in leadership, business, education and society that we have depended on for so long.

As professionals who have formal education and corporate experience in the field of foresight, we have experienced first-hand the frustration of adapting the traditional practices of strategy, innovation, design, technology, leadership development, entrepreneurship, and social change to our environment of rapid change. More and more leaders in for-profit, non-profit and governmental sectors are realizing that success in the 21st century landscape of transformation means that we need a new approach for each of these disciplines. In other words, we need new mindsets and toolkits that can help us to create the future of these domains – and beyond.

Learning foresight-fueled approaches to strategy, innovation, design and more from amazing voices and contributors is central to the growth of The Futures School (TFS), but it all starts with the Applied Foresight Accelerator – our globally-recognized, immersive and hands-on flagship training program. The Applied Foresight Accelerator addresses the fact that, up until now, the only option available for organizations wishing to strengthen their foresight efforts was to hire a costly consultant. These engagements require significant time investment and often result in a 3-ring binder that is quickly relegated to the office bookshelf.

Not only is this “hired gun” approach expensive, but it is disconnected from an organization’s culture, and therefore never achieves long-term results. What is needed is a renewed investment in leadership, business and entrepreneurial development with a proven approach to planning for a seizing the future. The TFS Applied Foresight Accelerator offers you this opportunity.

Having hosted the Applied Foresight Accelerator with both for-profit and non-profit clients in over 23 countries, we have honed a unique process with results that no other foresight program can claim. After training hundreds of future thinkers across the globe, we are excited to see the program expand in both reach and impact. We invite you to make the investment in your future and become a part of the TFS community that is creating the future today!

And, once you’ve experienced our Applied Foresight Accelerator, you will be ready to explore other TFS programs that will help business leaders, entrepreneurs and social innovators to reframe human development for the 21st century. If you want to ask us more questions about the philosophy, approach and offerings of The Futures School, we would be happy to connect via phone or email!

Warm Regards,

Frank Spencer & Yvette Montero Salvatico

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