Since our first public program in 2015, The Futures School is proud to have launched the foresight careers of over 1,000 professionals across the globe. As we are fond of saying, “foresight is a team sport,” and there is no better team than the worldwide community of futurists who make up our TFS alumni.


Futures Space – The Digital Home for Futurists

The “digital home for futurists” is exactly the platform we have imagined for our alumni and clients. Futures Space is a global foresight community that allows our alumni to deepen their futures knowledge and grow their impact.

Futures Space founders Tanja Schindler and Graciela Guadarrama Baena curated a community for futurists across the world to connect and co-create the future. The platform offers exclusive content, inspiring events, hands-on workshops, as well as engaging training and futures insights through its global network of partners, including The Futures School.

The Futures Space platform is abundant with futurists and Strategic Foresight professionals who are collaborating across disciplines toward creating a sustainable future for all of us. Unlike any other social media site, Futures Space is exclusive to future-enthusiasts and operates with a membership approach. While Futures Space offers membership tiers, there is no fee to participate in the TFS alumni group.

As a Futures Space member, you will experience The Futures School, Kedge, and Natural Foresight® Framework offerings woven throughout the platform. Click here to learn more about the Futures Space platform.

Advanced Programming

Lifelong learning, unlearning and relearning means foresight professionals should never stop seeking out opportunities for personal and professional development. Interested in advance programming? Contact us for the latest program information.

Professional Certification

The Futures School offers professional development programs that equip participants for certification in Natural Foresight® – a practical and proven approach to applying Strategic Foresight in organizational and personal contexts.

Creating Foresight-Fueled Action

Creating Foresight-Fueled Action with Simone Rosati

Simone Rosati is a charismatic and inspirational coach and consultant. His deep knowledge in complexity and personal development shined through when he attended our Applied Foresight Accelerator for the EMEA…

Creating Foresight-Fueled Action with Marcela Sabino

On this episode of Creating Foresight-Fueled Action, Marcela Sabino talked about her work in foresight being largely about creating or finding transdisciplinary approaches to big world problems, meshing previously siloed…

Conversation with Peachie Dioquino-Valera

We gathered the Global Foresight Advisory Council and a few alumni to participate in an inspirational discussion with Peachie Dioquino-Valera joining us from the Philippines. Topics included Peachie’s involvement with…

“The training I received from The Futures School transformed foresight from an academic exercise into a practical approach for design, strategy and planning. More personally, when I think about my training and earning the Certified Foresight Practitioner designation, I just smile a lot. It’s great to know I’m supported by a community of like-minded people who are thinking about—and working toward—a better future.”

Josh Dix Senior Strategy Consultant, Slalom and Certified Foresight Practitioner

“I have finally found my tribe with The Futures School. They know how to take the most complex issues and apply this to our world. Their extensive knowledge is remarkable.”

Josiane Chriqui President, Telesmart