Creating Stories of Change: Reframing Causal Layered Analysis as Narrative Transformation

The Importance of Story in Organizations and Society The early 21st Century has been characterized as a time of great global change, reframing the way that we connect, create, and consume. This profound shift in human development is not only a catalyst for the destruction of our antiquated industrial systems, but is also facilitating the emergence of new models of transformation.

Sense, Mesh and Transform: The 3 Critical Mindsets for 21st Century Leaders

In today’s rapidly changing environment, C-Suites, leaders and executives are at a loss as to what exactly they should do to lead their company into the future. Most are waiting for a return to an operating environment that is familiar and comfortable — or for the business models, processes and strategies of the past to lead them to success again. It’s like they are waiting at the bus stop for the “normal bus” to arrive. For those who are clinging…

Postgenerational Transformation: Everything You Know About Generations At Work Is Changing

According to Amazon, you are most likely familiar with the concept of generations in the workforce or “generational warfare” all too well. When you search for books on their website using the phrase “generations at work,” you will find over 39,000 entries. And yet, with all of that information at our fingertips, we still don’t know how to effectively manage the clash of generational differences in our organizations. Now, just when you thought that you had successfully memorized the human…

Foresight Integration Training (F.I.T.)

As Frank and I travel across the globe speaking to organizations and conference delegates, the most common question we hear is “How do I bring futures thinking back to my company?” or “How can I practice strategic foresight in my personal life?”In response to this pressing need, we convened an advanced practitioner training session (open to our Kedge and TFS alumni) focused on practical steps to integrate the tools and methodologies of foresight.

The Futures School Metro Detroit: Mapping the Future of Education

Over the three days in Detroit, the unique TFS toolkit was used to uncover assumptions and biases; scan the external environment for drivers, trends and patterns of change; map implications to develop divergent scenarios of the focal issue; and, discuss strategic design tools. Within small groups, participants explored the future of education through either a transformative, market or fortress world lens.

Advancing into the Future: The 21st Century Change Management Professional

While we work with clients across all industries and sectors, there are certain individuals who “take” to Strategic Foresight based on the nature of their role. To that end, it is no surprise that change management professionals recognize the power of foresight when they are responsible for the design and implementation of change efforts both large and small.

Sobotics: Wired for Next Part 2

“The robots are coming!” This phrase has been used in countless books, articles and news programs over the past several years to describe the march of our mechanical counterparts toward their enshrinement as an indispensable part of our daily lives – and for good reason. Of course, the robots actually came a long time ago. As a matter of fact, the word “robot” was first used in writer Karel Capek’s 1920 science fiction play R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots). In contrast…

Designing Our Future — Futuring Our Design

Recently I’ve been asking myself, “Why don’t we see more design-oriented firms incorporating and utilizing the power of futures thinking and foresight?” And I’m definitely not alone in this line of thinking, because something really exciting has been emerging in various design disciplines, companies and educational institutions across the globe. In growing numbers, designers are realizing that it isn’t sufficient to only create things that are beautiful or maximize productivity, but that design must also understand deep patterns and trends,…

Creator Trend Card Deck Sources

The Wicked Opportunities® Creator Economy Pack Sources This edition of the Wicked Opportunities Card Decks explores the Creator Economy. Individual participation and crowd-funded innovation are spurring the transition to a new economy. Consumers are choosing experiences over physical goods, and technologies such as 3D printing, virtual reality and drones are creating an environment where access to assets trumps ownership. Below are the sources utilized in the Creator Economy Pack trend cards: Authentic ExperiencesPush: Travelers Seek More Authentic Experiences; Agents And Tour…

Scenario Development in the 21st Century

We have increasingly focused on the quantifiable world over the past 100 years as a means to growth and progress. Organizations have become obsessed with numbers and the warm, fuzzy feeling that they give us when they neatly add up to demonstrate that the future looks bright. In reality, life has always been a mixture of what we might call “quantified and qualified metrics.” Today’s world is now forcing us to recognize the importance of qualitative measurements by virtue of…