Here’s a recap of the thought leadership we covered this month!

Open-source talent sharing will soon become so common that there will be a “People Cloud” where work is shared, collaboration is instantaneous, and employees will work for multiple enterprises simultaneously. Boundaries between internal and external networks will begin to blur, as organizations embrace the wisdom of crowds and a “global brain” to accomplish more than they ever thought possible. This pool of connectivity, cognition and consciousness has the potential to advance humanity beyond the limited confines of competitive systems, zero-sum games and the breakdown of social development.



Week One: Discovering the People Cloud

DISCOVER the root causes of the long-standing issue of Generational Warfare through Causal Layered Analysis and a self-assessment quiz. 


Content 1 – Podcast:


Content 2 – Self-Assessment Results:



Week Two: Exploring the People Cloud

EXPLORE the emerging issues that enable us to move from a siloed perspective of Generational Warfare toward a meshing outlook of the People Cloud.


Content 1 – Podcast:



Week Three: Mapping the People Cloud

MAP a pathway toward the People Cloud considering impacts to the future of humanity and leveraging thought leadership from this month’s Discover and Explore weeks.

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Week Four: Creating the People Cloud

CREATE, design, and execute the future of the People Cloud by providing implementation examples and hearing directly from a foresight practitioner who is democratizing foresight.

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Join us next month to reframe Analysis Paralysis to a future of Co-Creative Emergence!