Here’s a recap of the thought leadership we covered this month!

This month the Wicked Problem is “Homogenecene Extinction”: The parasitic and genocidal approach to Homo Sapien’s dominion over the planet’s life-giving diversity through the homogenizing of consumption and subsequent depletion of biological, ecological, and cultural systems.

To overcome this dilemma, we’ve reframed Homogenecene Extinction as Anthropological Regeneration, a Wicked Opportunity reframing humanity’s role in the natural co-design and co-creation of earth’s complex, interconnected and biodiverse ecosystem in which our species transitions from being “destroyer” to “restorer.”



Week One: Discovering Anthropological Regeneration

DISCOVER the root causes of the long-standing issue of Homogenecene Extinction through Causal Layered Analysis and a self-assessment quiz. 


Content 1 – Podcast:


Content 2 – Self-Assessment Results:



Week Two: Exploring Anthropological Regeneration

EXPLORE the emerging issues that enable us to move from a mechanical perspective of Homogenecene Extinction toward an organic outlook of Anthropological Regeneration.


Content 1 – Podcast:



Week Three: Mapping Anthropological Regeneration 

MAP a pathway toward Anthropological Regeneration considering impacts to the future of humanity and leveraging thought leadership from this month’s Discover and Explore weeks.

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Week Four: Creating Anthropological Regeneration 

CREATE, design, and execute the future of Anthropological Regeneration by providing implementation examples and hearing directly from a foresight practitioner who is democratizing foresight.

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