Here’s a recap of the thought leadership we covered this month!

This month the Wicked Problem is “Identity Crisis”: The escalating loss of contextual meaning related to tribal connections and individual purpose, as well as the loss of traditional identities, belonging and meaning due to exponential change in societal dynamics, governing capacity and technological velocity.

To overcome this dilemma, we’ve reframed Identity Crisis as Extended Reality”, a Wicked Opportunity which adopts and integrates a mutually interdependent reality that manifests the benefits of “we” over “me.”. 



Week One: Discovering Extended Reality 

DISCOVER the root causes of the long-standing issue of Identity Crisis through Causal Layered Analysis and a self-assessment quiz. 


Content 1 – Podcast:


Content 2 – Self-Assessment Results:



Week Two: Exploring Extended Reality 

EXPLORE the emerging issues that enable us to move from a linear perspective of Identity Crisis toward a multiples outlook of Extended Reality.


Content 1 – Podcast:



Week Three: Mapping Extended Reality

MAP a pathway toward Extended Reality considering impacts to the future of humanity and leveraging thought leadership from this month’s Discover and Explore weeks.

Content 1 – Podcast:


Week Four: Creating Extended Reality 

CREATE, design, and execute the future of Extended Reality by providing implementation examples and hearing directly from a foresight practitioner who is democratizing foresight.

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