The inaugural month of the new REFRAME magazine has come to a close! Here’s a recap of the thought leadership we covered.



Week One: Discovering Imagination Literacy

DISCOVER the root causes of the long-standing issue Tragedy of the Commons through Causal Layered Analysis and a self-assessment quiz. 


Content 1 – Podcast:


Content 2 – Self-Assessment Results:



Week Two: Exploring Imagination Literacy

EXPLORE the emerging issues that enable us to move from a scarcity perspective of Tragedy of the Commons toward an abundant outlook of Imagination Literacy.


Content 1 – Podcast:



Week Three: Mapping Imagination Literacy

MAP a pathway toward Imagination Literacy considering impacts to the future of humanity and leveraging thought leadership from this month’s Discover and Explore weeks.

Content 1 – Podcast:


Week Four: Creating Imagination Literacy

CREATE, design, and execute the future of Imagination Literacy by providing implementation examples and hearing directly from a foresight practitioner who is democratizing foresight.

Content 1 – Podcast:
Join us next month to reframe Generational Warfare to a People Cloud future!