Marty Vanags, President of the Saratoga Partnership, and Tim Giuliani, President and CEO of the Orlando Economic Partnership share both a common purpose in pioneering the transformation of the economic development field, and a passion for creating the future. As TFS Alumni (Marty – Denver 2017 and Tim – Orlando 2018), they began building a collaborative partnership founded on their common purpose and passion shortly after meeting one another through the TFS Alumni Network Group.

Vanags, Giuliani and one of their economic development colleagues will co-present at the International Economic Development Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah June 9-11 on “An Introduction to Futures Thinking for Economic Development.” According to the IEDC website, “Economic Future Forum is a forward-looking conference that focuses on fostering innovation and economic transformation in the new economy. The conference explores industry trends and the partnerships and strategies needed to grow, attract, retain, and expand companies in established and emerging industries.”

The 2019 conference themes include:                           

  • The Future of Workforce                    
  • Pioneering New Opportunities                    
  • The Key to Customer Service                    
  • Reinvesting from Within

Here is more about the specific session they will present:

An Introduction to Futures Thinking for Economic Development

These volatile and complex times require new approaches and an open mind. The economic development organizations that anticipate this shift and make the appropriate course corrections will be best positioned to reap long-term benefits. This session will show economic developers how they can use foresight analysis to further the understanding of how global trends have immediate application to economic development and ecosystems.                                                


  • Jim Damicis, Senior Vice President, Camoin Associates, Scarborough, ME                                        
  • Tim Giuliani, President & CEO, Orlando Economic Partnership, Orlando, FL
  • Marty K. Vanags, CEcD, President, Saratoga Partnership, Malta, NY