This weekend we kick off the 2019 Association of Change Management Conference as exhibitors and speakers in our backyard — Orlando, Florida. More than 1000 change management professionals “focused on spearheading change” are expected to attend.  

Our Head of Human Design and TFS Instructor, Nicole Baker Rosa, will be speaking on “Sense, Mesh and Transform: The 3 Critical Mindsets Needed for Change Management Professionals.”

We live in an age where accelerating complexity and change is the norm – an unpredictable world that requires a completely different approach to business, economics, technology, and social development. Instead of operating from fear and risk, we must reframe Wicked Problems as “Wicked Opportunities” in order to create transformational outcomes. Foundational to Wicked Opportunities is the understanding that nature itself exhibits complexity as a sign of maturity. In this new world of rapid change, we must learn to “dance with complexity” rather than reject it. When we adopt this view, we will begin to realize that complexity is actually the catalyst for new ideas that can solve our age-old problems.

Nicole  will share the three mindsets (sense, mesh and transform), inclusive of real examples, to demonstrate how change management professionals can turn Wicked Problems into Wicked Opportunities. Participants will learn how to leverage the landscape of complexity and make sense out of isolated trends and data, developing the skill of pattern recognition for aspirational ideas and unseen opportunities. To launch their transformational efforts, attendees will be given trend cards summarizing current issues in society, technology, the environment, economics, and politics.

What new knowledge will attendees gain?

  • The ability to describe the complexity of our current environment and the subsequent need for new ways of thinking and acting.
  • Understanding the 3 mindsets (sense, mesh and transform) needed to successfully reframe Wicked Problems into Wicked Opportunities.
  • How to apply the 3 mindsets using trend cards to practice creating a transformative solution to an existing business challenge.

Stay tuned for live posts during the event. If you will be in attendance, stop by The Futures School booth. We have some exciting new announcements that will be revealed…