President and CEO of the Orlando Economic Partnership’s Tim Giuliani and Kedge Founder/TFS Co-Founder Frank Spencer discuss how Strategic Foresight is the core to the seven-county region’s Launch to Tomorrow.


After a successful merger, the Orlando Economic Partnership (OEP) was embarking on an ambitious plan to reconceptualize economic development to achieve broad-based prosperity. OEP was seeking to sequence its strategic priorities with an immersive, participatory, and future-focused approach that ensured stakeholder ownership. Building upon OEP’s transformative strategic framework and its vision for “a regional approach to broad-based prosperity,” Kedge assisted the organization by leading a collective effort which engaged leadership, staff, and stakeholders in creating the future today. After an immersion phase which included: targeted interviews, a Delphi survey administered to over 300 individuals, and extensive trend research; Kedge lead OEP and its stakeholders through the process of discovering, exploring, mapping, and creating strategic transformations with a series of face-to-face foresight-fueled work sessions. The result was the co-creation of a transformative narrative: Orlando as the “real” Experimental, Prototype, Community of Tomorrow that Walt Disney envisioned years prior. This narrative solidified support for OEP’s vision along with a reframed conversation that has established an updated modality for the development, validation, and implementation of regional priorities.