We are operating in an increasingly complex environment, where linear and mechanistic processes do not work. To overcome this issue, The Futures School™ leverages a process that mimics natural growth curves. We call this framework Natural Foresight®. By presenting the critical skill set of Strategic Foresight through approaches that echo those found in product development and business planning, foresight can be more readily adopted. But Natural Foresight® goes one step further, employing an organic approach that mimics the powerful growth cycles found in nature.

The Futures School™ incorporates all four phases of the Natural Foresight® model into its 3-day program.

tfs_icons_discoverDiscover Phase: Challenge Assumptions and Old Ways of Thinking

Today’s environment of accelerating volatility and exponential change is disrupting paradigms in every domain. However, our deeply ingrained biases and assumptions prevent us from recognizing these disruptions and taking action to capitalize on them. Strategic Foresight helps us to look past our present-day models and ideas, acting as the most effective way to recognize disruptors on the horizon of business and society.

tfs_icons_exploreExplore Phase: Scan the External Environment to Uncover Hidden Opportunities

Our “post-normal” times require new approaches and mindsets. The growing fluidity of the global economy, the dramatic disruptions of the digital revolution, and the radical empowerment of individuals through mobile computing and micro-manufacturing have combined to create a challenging future landscape. Environmental scanning creates a glimpse into the future – much clearer than we could get from any crystal ball.

tfs_icons_mapMap Phase: Develop Future Scenarios and Innovations Based on Today’s Trends

Scenarios are an incredibly powerful tool due to their ability to immerse people and organizations into future probabilities, possibilities, and aspirational outcomes. These alternative future narratives allow them to assess the validity, robustness, and future-readiness of their current strategies, as well as uncovering new ideas, products, and models that they would have otherwise missed.

Create Phase: Design and Execute Specific Action Planstfs_icons_create

It’s not enough to envision strategy, imagine innovations, map out organizational development, or “look into the future” without successfully acting upon all of that hard work. Organizations must build both short and long-range action plans and deliverables in order to implement innovation and preferred future outcomes. The Natural Foresight® method includes powerful tools to bring the future into the present. Natural Foresight® is an action-based approach to Futures Thinking.

Natural Foresight® exposes leaders and organizations to an action-based approach to building a Futures Thinking competency, utilizing foresight tools such as environmental scanning, assumption and bias modeling, and scenario development. However, these well-established approaches have been reframed in an adaptive, resilient, and transformative approach that has been successfully implemented in large, multinational firms. Now, through The Futures School™, anyone can learn and use the Natural Foresight® framework.