Strategic Foresight is a decades-old practice used in companies, organizations and governments around the world. And yet, the term and its core principles remain a mystery to many.

The Futures School was born of the need to change this paradigm. Instead of relegating access to Strategic Foresight knowledge to small groups of academics and theorists, The Futures School aims to create as many practical futures thinkers as possible around the world.

This movement to democratize Strategic Foresight has since spread from Orlando, Florida, to Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Sydney, Berlin, and Cape Town.

Wilhelmina and Mikael Linell are the pioneers who brought this movement to South Africa. They are passionate about building strategic partnerships and corporate capabilities that help advance their community, country, and continent.

They are driven by the spirit of ubuntu, and the harsh reality of increased volatility and uncertainty in the country to provide the solution of Strategic Foresight thought The Futures School South Africa.

Watch the video below to hear from Wilhelmina and Mikael.