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The Futures School offers professional development programs that equip participants for certification in Natural Foresight® – a practical and proven approach to applying Strategic Foresight in organizational and personal contexts.

Professional Certification in Natural Foresight is endorsed by the Global Foresight Advisory Council (GFAC), an international group of visionaries that are redefining their industries and intrinsically guided by an innate futurist mindset.


Certified Foresight Practitioner

(Available Winter 2019)
Driving business results with foresight.

A Certified Foresight Practitioner is trained in the foundational ideas and tools of the Natural Foresight framework, embodies the futurist mindset and understands the value of futures intelligence in his/her respective field. A CFP is able to conduct trendspotting, horizon scanning and pattern-making that informs future scenarios and impacts business results.

Certified Foresight Vanguard

(Starting Fall 2020)
Building unique pathways to aspirational futures.

A Certified Foresight Vanguard is a trailblazer in the effective use of foresight across domains. An expert in the methodology and application of Natural Foresight, a CFV has successfully demonstrated the ability to “hack” existing tools and/or create novel futuring approaches. A Vanguard uncovers new solutions to long-standing problems, building unique pathways to aspirational futures.

Certified Foresight Influencer

(Starting Spring 2020)
Generating transformation through foresight.

A Certified Foresight Influencer has extensive knowledge of the tools and methods within Natural Foresight, including advanced concepts. A CFI will have published works or otherwise established him/herself as a thought leader in the use of foresight in his/her respective profession. An Influencer is able to generate tangible organizational support and transformation through the implementation of robust futures work.

Certified Foresight Trainer

(Starting Fall 2020)
Transferring foundational foresight knowledge to others.

A Certified Foresight Trainer must show mastery of the cadence, structure and terminology that is needed to effectively communicate Natural Foresight principles. He/She has successfully demonstrated the ability to integrate foresight into his/her profession or field. A Trainer is able to guide others through the process and successfully transfer foundational Strategic Foresight knowledge.

“As an executive charged with business innovation, strategy and development on a global stage, the biggest challenge I face is finding professionals who are equipped to see where we need to be in the future and build a road map to get us there. The Professional Foresight Certification ensures that my team has the skills, credentials and expertise necessary to guide our organization and industry toward the transformational opportunities on the horizon.”

Lori Heino-Royer

Director, Daimler Trucks North America

Benefits from a TFS Professional Foresight Certification:

Visibility and credibility. Demonstrate that you have achieved the highest levels of rigor in your applied foresight practice with the only professional certification underwritten by a global advisory council of practicing foresight professionals.

Open the door to more opportunities for career advancement. Reach not only your short-term job goals, but position yourself for success in your long-term career with a globally applicable and sought-after skillset.

Connect with a strong network of foresight-certified peers. Earning a professional foresight credential plugs you into a prestigious community of like-minded individuals for ongoing support.

Set yourself apart. TFS certified professionals pass a rigorous assessment and commit to ongoing development and recertification.

The Global Foresight Advisory Council

The Global Foresight Advisory Council supports The Futures School’s mission of ethically democratizing the future around the world. In addition to offering mentorship and guidance, the Council also serves as the accrediting body for The Futures School Professional Foresight Certification programs.

This international group of visionaries are redefining their industries, intrinsically guided by an innate futurist mindset. As multidisciplinary luminaries they are uniquely positioned to guide and expand this mission into the future with the right balance of practical experience and provocative thinking.

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“As the Chief Impact Officer at XPRIZE, I lead the foresight work that helps our partners map the emerging landscape to identify challenges, uncover opportunities, and spot breakthrough innovations for transformative change. As a member of the Global Foresight Advisory Council that endorses the Professional Foresight Certification, I can expand my ability to democratize the future, empowering individuals that wouldn’t normally interact with our organization with the skills and certification needed to create the future right where they are!”

Zenia Tata

Chief Impact Officer, XPRIZE

Body of Competency and Knowledge (BoCK)

The Futures School Professional Foresight Certification (TFS PFC) exams are created using a Body of Competency and Knowledge format, which outlines the responsibilities of and knowledge needed by today’s foresight professional in the specific topic.

The major content areas, or domains, of the TFS PFC Body of Competency and Knowledge are:
TECHNICAL: Discover, Explore, Map, and Create
BEHAVIORAL: Sense, Mesh, and Transform
IMPACT: Strategy, Innovation, Change, and Career

Certified Foresight Practitioner Eligibility

A non-refundable application process is in place to determine eligibility to sit for the CFP assessment. The Futures School and Kedge Alumni are best positioned to successfully pass the assessment based on their immersive training experience in the Natural Foresight framework. However, anyone is encouraged to apply if they meet the two required eligibility factors below.

Eligibility Factors Considered:

  • Completion of a 4-year degree OR a minimum of 2 years of professional experience (required)
  • Completion of a foresight training program including and in addition to The Futures School or Kedge programming. (preferred)
  • Membership in a professional foresight (or related) association: APF, WFS, WFSF, PRIMER/Speculative Futures, IDC and more. (preferred)
  • Explanation of purpose for pursuing professional foresight certification. (required)

Certified Foresight Practitioner Exam

What’s on the exam?

  • 50-question online multiple choice assessment covering the fundamentals of Natural Foresight®
  • Exam must be completed individually in one sitting during a 60-minute time frame
  • An 80% or higher is required to successfully pass the exam
  • Pass/Fail result will show at the conclusion of the exam 

How do I prepare?

  • Immersive Training (recommended): Attend The Futures School’s 3-Day Applied Foresight Accelerator. See program options here.
  • Self-Study: This option is available starting with the second testing window. Accepted applicants will receive a study aid, “The Guide to the Natural Foresight® Framework.”

Testing Window and 
Application Due Dates

  • December 1 – February 15 (Apps accepted until December 15) – only available to TFS Alumni 
  • May 1 – July 15 (Apps accepted until May 15) 

How do I become a Certified Foresight Practitioner?


Complete either the TFS Alumni or General online Certified Foresight Practitioner application by the due dates indicated above for your desired testing window. A non-refundable $50* processing fee will be due at the time of submission. 

*If you are an alumni of a TFS program prior to May 2019 and are applying to sit for the assessment during the first testing window (Dec 2019 – Feb 2020), you’re application fee is waived.


TFS will schedule an interview with you if your application has been accepted.


Successful candidates will be notified and provided with a link to pay and register for assessment. The study aid, “The Guide to the Natural Foresight® Framework.” will be available in October 2019 and provided in a digital format. A physical copy may be requested with applicable shipping charges.

What if I’m not accepted?
If your application is not accepted, we will send you information on how to re-apply.


Once the certification window opens, candidates have one attempt to score at least an 80% on the exam. Successful candidates will receive their signed certificate along with digital credentials for use online.

What if I fail the assessment? If you don’t score an 80% or better, you will need to re-apply when the certification window re-opens.

“Attending training through The Futures School and obtaining the Certified Foresight Practitioner designation has proven to be a game-changer for me in my role as a professor and educator. On a professional level, certification has enabled me to anticipate challenges and seize opportunities in accordance with the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future’s UAE Future Foresight Strategy. On a personal level, this credential not only establishes me as a foresight practitioner within my organization but helps me to prepare my students for the new careers of the 21st Century.”

Hussien Alwedyan

Associate Professor, Higher Colleges of Technology



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