General FAQs

Who Created The Futures School?

The Futures School™ has been a vision of Kedge Principals Frank Spencer and Yvette Montero Salvatico for many years. They recognized that the world is dramatically changing, and knew that a futures thinking mindset must empower our strategy, innovation, design, technology, and social change. In response, they created a practical and tangible learning platform so that every discipline and domain could be updated for the landscape of exponential complexity and emerging change. In addition to designing the content of the Applied Foresight Accelerator (the TFS flagship program), the Applied Foresight Activator, and various advanced training programs, Frank and Yvette serve as lead instructors at The Futures School™.


Kedge, a global foresight, innovation and strategic design consultancy, is the parent company of The Futures School™. Learn more here.

Do I have permission to use The Futures School™ templates?

The Futures School’s mission is to democratize foresight equipping everyone with the mindset and toolkit to create the future. To that end, TFS materials and templates developed by Kedge, LLC are copyrighted and licensed under Creative Commons 4.0. If you have received a certificate of completion from a TFS program or earned professional certification in Natural Foresight, we encourage the reproduction and use of our materials for any non-commercial, attribution-only, non-derivative use. If you are interested in a licensing agreement, please contact

What type of person should attend The Futures School programming?

Are you someone who is naturally curious, connects the dots, and is open to new ways of thinking and seeing the world? Do you understand the value of tapping into the future in order to seize undiscovered innovations and opportunities? Are you looking to add another toolkit to your personal or professional repertoire? Do you have some knowledge of Strategic Foresight and Futures Thinking, and you want to further your skillset? Are you struggling to implement foresight into your organization or strategic planning?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are exactly who should attend The Futures School programming. Whether you are a corporate foresight practitioner, a change agent, a trend hunter, an innovative entrepreneur, a student, a social chemist, a technologist, a CEO, or a strategist… TFS is for you.

What are the learning objectives of the Applied Foresight Accelerator?

Our Applied Foresight Accelerator has five main objectives:

  • Learn to integrate the Natural Foresight®framework into your life, business and organization.
  • Learn to identify emerging trends and weak signals on the horizon.
  • Learn to build “maps of the future” that generate successful strategies, actions and organizational narratives.
  • Learn to tap into the values and bedrock stories that lead to the discovery of counter trends and next-order possibilities.
  • Learn to harness the future to make better decisions today.

Content Outline*

Day One

  • Intro to Strategic Foresight
  • Flipped Trend Keynote
  • Intro to assumptions and bias tools
  • Intro to Environmental Scanning
  • Project Research Brief

Day Two

  • Causal Layered Analysis
  • Creating an Environmental Scanning System
  • Trend Cards
  • From Patterns to Clusters to Themes
  • Futures Wheels
  • Intro to Scenario Development

Day Three

  • Headlines from the Future
  • Scenario Fields
  • Strategic Designs
  • Scenario Finalization
  • Scenario Report Outs
  • Reflections: Learn, Unlearn, Relearn

*Subject to change

Is seating in the Applied Foresight Accelerator program limited?

Yes. Due to the fact that we customize each program based on the backgrounds, interests, and industries of the attendees, we only offer a limited number of seats. Therefore, we recommend that you apply early.

Is the Applied Foresight Accelerator accredited?

Upon completion of the 3-day program, you will receive a certificate of completion that is recognized by the growing list of professionals that are part of the The Futures School Alumni Network as proof of competency. At that point, you will be equipped to apply for Professional Foresight Certification.

What is Professional Foresight Certification?

The Futures School™ offers various levels of Professional Foresight Certification in the Natural Foresight® Framework – a proven approach to applying Strategic Foresight in organizational and personal contexts. Certification is backed by the Global Foresight Advisory Council, an international group of visionaries, redefining their industries and guided by an innate futurist mindset. Learn more here.

What is the Global Foresight Advisory Council?

The Global Foresight Advisory Council is the accrediting body for The Futures School™ Professional Foresight Certification, and supports its mission of ethically democratizing the future around the world. This international group of visionaries are redefining their industries, intrinsically guided by an innate futurist mindset. As multidisciplinary luminaries they are uniquely positioned to guide and expand this movement into the future with the right balance of practical experience and provocative thinking. Learn more here.

What are the fees for attending the Applied Foresight Accelerator?

Please visit the Locations page for fees associated with each session.

What types of payment do you accept? Is it possible to be invoiced for my payment?

If your application is accepted, you will be directed to an Eventbrite page to make your payment. We accept credit card (American Express, Master Card, Visa, and Discover) as well as offline payment options (check or invoice).

Is there a group discount for the Applied Foresight Accelerator?

A group rate is offered on to parties of 2 or more from the same organization.

Is my registration to a TFS program transferrable?

Seat transfers are gladly accepted. Only one transfer is permitted per original registrant. If you need to transfer your seat to another person, you must do so at least two weeks before the start of the program. Transfers must be made in writing by the original registrant and sent to Please “CC” the substitute in your email and include his or her name, email address, and phone number. The individual submitting the transfer is responsible for all financial obligations (any balance due) associated with the substitution. An additional $25 processing fee will be charged for transferring your seat. Beginning two weeks before the start of the program, all seats are non-transferable.

We do not support partial seat swaps or registration sharing of any kind; nor do we prorate registration costs if you are only able to attend certain training days. You MUST be able to attend the full program.

Purchase of registration indicates that you have read and agree to comply with this transfer policy. This policy is subject to change; all registered attendees will be notified of any changes.

What is the cancellation policy for a TFS program?

You are eligible to receive a partial refund for registration cancellations up to two weeks before the start of a program.

Cancellations made six weeks before the start of a program will receive a refund less 25% of your purchased registration price; cancellations made five weeks before the start of a program will receive a refund less 50% of your purchased registration price; cancellations made four weeks before the start of a program will receive a refund less 75% of your purchases registration price. Beginning two weeks before the start of a program, all registrations are non-refundable. For in-person programs, we suggest you consider investing in travel insurance, in case an extenuating event prevents you from attending.

You may not defer your tuition to a future program.

Cancellations must be received in writing from the original registrant. Please send these requests to

In the unlikely event that the training is cancelled, all registrations will be refunded. We will not, however, be able to refund any flight, hotel, or other purchases.

Purchase of registration indicates that you have read and agree to comply with this cancellation policy. This policy is subject to change; all registered attendees will be notified of any changes.


What is the dress code for TFS programs?

Dress is business casual.

Are there sponsorship opportunities?

Yes! For more information, contact us at

Can I host the Applied Foresight Accelerator or other TFS programs in my company?

Yes, you can! Any TFS program can be hosted on-location as exclusive training for your leaders, foresight division, corporate university, educational institution, students, or employee development. Click here to contact us, and we will set up a call or meeting to discuss your specific needs.

Who can I contact for additional questions?

For general information, please contact | 407-818-1598
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