Futures x Design

Futures x Design is a brand new two day, immersive, design-driven workshop that provides a hands-on introduction to the basics of leveraging speculative futuring for personal and professional success.

This course was developed by the Design Futures Initiative, and is hosted in partnership with The Futures School as part of the larger TFS ecosystem of foresight and futures thinking programs.

About this program

Participants gain a solid foundation in the history and application of speculative practice through a series of hands-on, project-based activities. Learners follow the Futures x Design framework (FxD), a methodology for moving through modalities and mindsets to extrapolate, create, and experience the implications of speculative future products, services, systems, and technologies. Participants will finish the program with the ability to build strategies that map toward their preferred future realities.


  • Live-online across two, fast-paced days   
  • Project-based and design-driven, leveraging the Futures x Design methodology to create tangible artifacts
  • Curriculum highlights below (detailed syllabi provided on application pages)
  • Tuition: $1,500


High Level content:

  1. Day 1: Welcome and Extrapolate
    Meet your cohort and receive an introduction to the Futures x Design framework. Learn how to examine the implications of emergent futures from today and extrapolate these implications into future time scales. Synthesize and combine your implications with others to create a rich speculative future world.
  2. Day Two: Create, Experience and Strategize
    Create 2D, 3D, and 4D prototypes from the speculative future world you imagined. Work with others to place the artifact you have created into a narrative scenario that showcases how it might be interacted with or experienced in the context of your future world. Use Backcasting and Urgency Matrixes to connect both the positive and negative implications of your speculative artifacts and scenarios with strategic actions that can be taken today.

Learning outcomes

After this program you’ll be able to:

  • Unpack and analyze speculative projects
  • Follow our Futures x Design framework, a set of mindsets for doing speculative work that helps connect future extrapolations to present strategies
  • Creatively speculate plausible future worlds
  • Rapidly prototype, critique, and showcase future artifacts
  • Connect the implications of your speculative designs with concrete actions you or your organization can take today
  • Advocate for doing more speculative and future-oriented projects within your organization or practice


What our alumni are saying:

“FxD opened me up to a way of thinking and toolset to purposefully imagine and design the future. I highly recommend the course to anyone who is considering a hands-on career in designing futures.”

Mary Burton User Experience Manager, American Family Insurance

“I went from being curious but uncertain how I could use speculative design in my work, to having a clear framework and models to rely on. Now I know how to build my & others preferred future.”

Hanna Buxhoeveden Designer, Tenco Service Design

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