Certified Foresight Practitioner

Driving business results with foresight.

Certified Foresight Practitioners (CFPs) are equipped with the foundational ideas and tools of the Natural Foresight® Framework, embodying the futurist mindset and understanding the value of futures intelligence in their respective field. CFPs are able to conduct trendspotting, horizon scanning and pattern-making that informs future scenarios and impacts business results.


Who may apply?

The Futures School Alumni are best positioned to successfully pass the assessment based on their immersive training experience in the Natural Foresight® framework. However, anyone is encouraged to apply if they meet the required eligibility factors below.

Please note that there is an application review process (inclusive of a non-refundable fee) to determine eligibility to sit for the CFP assessment.

Eligibility Factors Considered:

  • Completion of a 4-year degree OR a minimum of 2 years of professional experience. (required)
  • Prior foresight training from an approved program/institution. (required)
    • Applied Foresight Accelerator or Applied Foresight Activator
    • Futures by Design (DFI and TFS partnership)
    • Kedge Training/Custom Engagements
    • University of Houston’s Certificate in Foresight 5-day program
    • Institute for the Future 3-Day Foresight Training
    • Institute for the Future Coursera Futures Thinking Specialization (online)
    • Metafuture School: Become A Futurist – Futures 101 (Sohail Inayatullah, online)
    • School of International Futures 5-Day Retreat

      If a program you attended is not listed, or you are an educational/training provider who would like to be considered for inclusion, please contact us at info@thefuturesschool.com
  • Explanation of purpose for pursuing professional foresight certification. (required)
  • Membership in a professional foresight (or related) association: APF, WFSF, WFS, FFCOI, Futures Space, PRIMER/Speculative Futures, IDC / IDSA, etc. (preferred)


A Certified Foresight Practitioner candidate must sit for a multiple-choice assessment during one of the established online testing windows.

how am I evaluated?

  • 50-question, online, multiple choice assessment covering the fundamentals of Natural Foresight®
  • Exam must be completed individually in one sitting during a 60-minute time frame
  • An 80% or higher is required to successfully pass the exam
  • Pass/Fail result will show at the conclusion of the exam

How do I prepare?

The Guide to the Natural Foresight® Framework is the Professional Foresight Certification Body of Competency and Knowledge, and the official study guide for the Certified Foresight Practitioner exam. Anything in the Guide may appear on the assessment.

TFS Learning Event (recommended): Attend The Futures School’s 3-Day Applied Foresight Accelerator or online, 6-month Applied Foresight Activator to put Natural Foresight® into practice. See program options here. Then, reinforce your learnings by studying The Guide to the Natural Foresight® Framework.

Self Study:  The self study option is available to candidates who completed approved foresight training with an institution other than The Futures School. Accepted applicants will receive the official study aid, The Guide to the Natural Foresight® Framework, to strengthen their foundational knowledge of the Natural Foresight® Framework.

Testing Window and Deadlines

Dec 1 – Feb 15

(Applications accepted until Dec 15)

May 1 – Jul 15

(Applications accepted until May 15)

Process & fees

How to get certified?

  1. Complete the appropriate application by the testing window deadlines.
    If you have attended a TFS learning event, complete the TFS Alumni* application. If you have not, complete the General application. A non-refundable $50 USD processing fee will be due at the time of submission.

    *The following TFS programs are eligible for this application: Applied Foresight Accelerator, Applied Foresight Activator, and Futures x Design.
  2. Conduct an interview.
    If your application has been accepted, TFS will schedule an interview with you to further discuss your purpose for pursuing certification, eligibility, and testing details.
  3. Submit the assessment fee and study.
    Successful candidates will be notified and provided with a link to pay and register for the assessment. The study aid, The Guide to the Natural Foresight® Framework, will be provided in a digital format. A physical copy may be requested with applicable shipping/printing charges.

    What if I’m not accepted?
    If your application is not accepted, you may re-apply in the next testing window when all eligibility requirements are met.
  4. Take the assessment.
    Once the certification window opens, candidates have one attempt to score at least an 80% on the exam. Successful candidates will receive their signed certificate along with digital credentials for use online. The credential is valid for three years.

    What if I fail the assessment? If you don’t score an 80% or higher, you will need to re-apply for the next testing window.

Application Processing Fee

$50 USD

Successful candidates will be notified and provided with a link to pay and register for assessment.

Certification Fee

$400 USD

TFS Alumni*

$850 USD


Physical receipt of study materials is subject to additional printing and shipping fees.

*The following TFS programs are eligible for the TFS Alumni pricing: Applied Foresight Accelerator, Applied Foresight Activator, and Futures x Design.


How to stay current?

Professional Development Requirements to Remain Credentialed and Build Your Futures Capacity

The Certified Foresight Practitioner designation is valid for three years.

Three Options to Remain Credentialed

  1. Earn 30 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) before your 3-year certification period expires.

    – Below is a chart of all of the activities that count toward recertification credits. Review the max allotments for approved recertification methods.
    – Submit a recertification package (using designated templates) prior to the end of the certification term. Individual forms and/or a recertification packet will not be accepted without the recertification fee of $250.
    – Prior to pursuing, gain approval or seek further clarification from The Futures School regarding qualified programs, offerings, or content as well as the number of PDCs awarded.
  2. Retake the Certified Foresight Practitioner assessment before your 3-year certification period expires.
  3. Pursue the next level in the Professional Foresight Certification pathway, Certified Foresight Influencer, if eligibility criteria are met and your 3-year CFP term has not yet expired.


Advance Your
Foresight Knowledge

No Overall PDC Maximum

Advanced/Additional TFS Programming:

PDCs will equal the number of educational hours in the program

Including but not limited to:

  • Applied Foresight Accelerator (15 PDCs)
  • Applied Foresight Activator – Experiment (15 PDCs)
  • Futures x Design (DFI and TFS partnership) (10 PDCs)
  • Kedge or The Futures School Webinars (1 PDC per webinar hour)

Approved Strategic Foresight Training Programs:

15 PDCs max – see below for program specifics

  • Institute for the Future 3-Day Foresight Training (10 PDCs)
  • Institute for the Future’s Coursera Futures Thinking Specialization (10 PDCs)   
  • Metafuture School: Become A Futurist – Futures 101           (10 PDCs)     
  • University of Houston’s Certificate in Foresight 5-day program (15 PDCs)
  • School of International Futures 5-Day Retreat (15 PDCs)
  • Other programs must be pre-approved by The Futures School in advance of attendance

Conferences/Learning Events/Seminars:

10 PDCs max – each session attendance/recap counts for 2 PDCs

  • Focus Areas: Foresight, Emerging Issues, Trends, Future of a field, Unconscious Bias, Narrative/Story, Design/Design Thinking, Innovative Strategy, Systems Thinking, and Beyond
  • Summarize connection between the conference content and foresight.
  • Approved conferences include PRIMER, Speculative Futures, World Futures Society, International Design Conferences, Association for Professional Futurists events, Association for Strategic Planning Conference, Society for Human Resource Management Conferences, Association for Change Management Professionals Conference, Association for Talent Development Conference, and Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Conference.
  • Other conferences must be pre-approved by The Futures School in advance of attendance.

College/University Courses:

15 PDCs max – must have a strong connection to foresight and be pre-approved by The Futures School

Advance the Application of
Foresight to Your Profession

No Overall PDC Maximum

Public Speaking:

24 PDCs max – 8 hours per presentation, 3 presentations max Must gain pre-approval before from The Futures School before pursuing this option

  • Create and deliver a presentation that integrates foresight into your expertise.
  • Participants of The Future Speaks program will also receive these credits.


20 PDCs max – see below for specifics

  • Write a 500+ word blog post/article integrating foresight into your expertise and publish on a third-party site. Or, contact The Futures School for publication on its blog through The Future Writes program. (5 PDCs for each piece)
  • Conduct primary foresight research that may or may not become published in a journal. (20 PDCs max dependent on the rigor of the research)
  • Participate in the Association of Professional Futurists Emerging Fellows Program (20 PDCs)

Organizational Foresight Project:

25 PDCs max
Must gain pre-approval from The Futures School before pursuing this option. PDCs will be determined based on the project details

  • Engage in a work-related project that embeds elements of the Natural Foresight® Framework and toolkit.

Professional Membership:

5 PDCs max – 2.5 PDCs per association membership

  • Approved memberships include: Futures Space, Association for Professional Futurists, World Future Society, FFCOI, and World Futures Studies Federation.