A core principal of Strategic Foresight is that there are unlimited futures before us. As good futurists, we must be able to think in simultaneous, multiple futures rather than the traditional, single, linear forecast. Being able to consider paths beyond the official future allows us to create robust and resilient strategies.

Further, we typically plan in short-term circumstances. It is challenging to stretch our minds beyond a few years- we are busy with our day-to-day business, and the constraints that restrict our imagination to the possibilities also keep us grounded in the present.

This exercise leverages the 4 Natural Archetypes to allow participants to design mood boards set in a future year of their choosing. Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking combine with story-telling and stylization to create immersive depictions of future worlds.

In this template, you will find an array of structures to create a mood board for each archetype.  Each Area includes: shapes for color palettes, text boxes for newspaper headlines, and space for images.  After an energizing launch into the future, bring back the insights to today with a structured debrief.



This resource is a Mural template. If you do not already have a free or paid Mural account, you should do so before attempting to use this resource. Upon checkout, you will receive an email with a link to the template, where you can create a Mural canvas from the template.

The template contains everything you need to conduct the exercise. You will find instructions, examples and discussion prompters, the coordinate grid, and additional resources.




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