Stories are the bedrock of culture. Yet, we often default to relying on quantitative data, facts, and statistics to change hearts and minds.
To move past outdated systems, we must reframe underlying images and metaphors through Narrative Transformation.
The CLA framework provides a view toward common purpose and goals, improving collaboration as well as facilitating effective change. Causal Layered Analysis has a natural connection to the transformational potential of stories, providing a framework that can be adapted to fit with the various parts of a book or narrative. In this way, CLA can be used in conjunction with other tools and concepts to lead an organization through the identification of its current story, and then guide it through the development of an entirely new story and vision. We have labeled this process Narrative Transformation, and this template supports the active facilitation of the tool.


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The template contains everything you need to conduct the exercise. You will find instructions, examples and discussion prompters, the coordinate grid, and additional resources.




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