TFS, do you have a tool that helps us make connections and consider future impacts to the organization?
YES! It’s called Six Degrees of Separation!
Strategic Foresight is a discipline that works from the outside-in. It’s essential that we shed our educated incapacity and look beyond our blind spots to see what is emerging on the horizon prior to conducting our strategic plans. If we skip this critical step, we risk creating a future that looks a lot like today.
Our Six Degrees of Separation Game involves linking an issue from today’s headlines to the organization, to a community, to a focal issue, or to an aspirational vision of the future (a Wicked Opportunity). This game reinforces the outside-in concept that is so critical to any successful Strategic Foresight process.


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The template contains everything you need to conduct the exercise. You will find instructions, examples and discussion prompters, the coordinate grid, and additional resources.




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