August GFAC Live!

1 Hour, Live-Online (Starts at 2 PM EDT)
August 3, 2022

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The Global Foresight Advisory Council holds open meetings with thought leaders across the world to discuss how they are democratizing the future.

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Decolonizing Futures Through Storytelling

Pupul Bisht

Founder, Decolonizing Futures Initiative

Over the course of human history, the role of storytelling in transferring knowledge, communicating values and inspiring action has been undeniable. In the multidisciplinary field of futures studies, various narrative methodologies are extensively used to build impactful images of possible futures. However, the tools and methods used reproduce historically dominant ideas, and values, perpetuating the marginalization of those who did not fit in this image. To change the future, therefore, we need to change the story. And not just what the story is and who it is about. But also, who imagines the story and who gets to tell it.

About the speaker

Pupul Bisht is a multidisciplinary designer, futurist, and globally recognized thought leader advocating for the power of storytelling in shaping equitable futures. She works with governments and organizations worldwide to help them meaningfully engage with the communities they serve. As the Winner of the Next Generation Foresight Practitioners Award 2018, she founded the Decolonizing Futures Initiative, which aims to engage marginalized communities in imagining their preferred futures. Pupul has spoken at prestigious global platforms such as the 76th United Nations General Assembly, Bavarian Film Centre (Munich), Millenium Technology Prize (Helsinki), ESPAS Conference (Brussels), Publicis Groupe (New York), SDNow Conference (Melbourne). She has also spoken at UNESCO Global Futures Literacy Design Forum (Paris), PRIMER Conference (NYC), and the Global Foresight Summit among many others.

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