Doom or Bloom: Which mindset is the best motivator for effective change?

In the face of escalating fanaticism, xenophobia, nationalism, systemic racism, collapsing supply chains and climate breakdown, it’s certainly hard to be optimistic about the future. However, a groundswell of creativity and innovation has burgeoned across social, economic and technological sectors that promises to not only solve these collective crises, but take us to new heights as well. On one hand, negativity and pessimism seem as if they will swallow us alive. On the other hand, embracing an overwhelmingly positive outlook feels disingenuous at best and downright dangerous at worst.

In order to motivate humanity to create better futures for all, should we be painting a picture of impending calamity or sharing a story of amazing opportunities? How can futures thinking overcome the dilemma of toxic positivity and demoralizing negativity, and instead offer a pathway to greater adaptation, resilience and transformation that leads us into much needed aspirational action?

Date and Time: Wednesday, June 29 at 12 PM ET / 9 AM PT

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