All around the world people are driving impact through foresight, whether it be in strategy, change-management, innovation, or personal development. Creating Foresight-Fueled Action episodes are intimate discussions with a member of The Futures School team joined by a fellow foresight practitioner, many of whom are alumni of our programs.

Creating Foresight-Fueled Action is an enlightening tapestry of global perspectives, all discovering the future and creating it today.

Each guest features a selection of tags that best describe them. Click the attendee’s name or picture to view their video and additional details on their background.

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Phil Balagtas

Principal/Design Director HABITAT

#speculativedesign, #designthinking, #strategy, #nonprofit, and #UXdesign

Nora Bateson

President of the International Bateson Institute, Sweden

#complexity #ecology #mindsets #research #cocreation

Lonny Brooks

Associate Professor, Department of Communication, California State University, East Bay

#futures, #afrofuturism, #speculativedesign, #afrofuturistpodcast, and #blackspeculativeartsmovement

Robin Champ

Chief of the Enterprise Strategy Division, United States Secret Service (USSS)

#planning, #strategy, #foresight, #strategydevelopment, and #scenariobasedplanning




On-demand gallery

Simone Rosati

Complexity and Adult Learning

“In embodied experiences [improv classes, juggling, balancing on boards], we train the mind to think in front of a liminal space- an ‘in-between’ space between total rigidity and total void/freedom.”

Simone Rosati headshot

Katie McPherson

Resilience and Sustainability

“We were in a very unique situation because we needed to understand what the response to the response for COVID-19 should be. What does it mean when the guidelines are to stay at home if you don’t have a home? Or to social distance when you live in an apartment with many family members?… We ran foresight exercises to map three horizons to know what we needed to continue or drop.”

Timothy Jaieyoba

Strategic Foresight in Africa

“Foresight is the most useful mindset for creating futures. When we all begin to think based on trust, integrity, and respect, we form a new community and culture. With that new mindset and culture, we are set for a better generation. Foresight is key for sustainability and transformation.”

Marcela Sabino

Innovation and Strategy

“It’s helpful to imagine my point-of-view of the future as a spectrum- do I want it to be more or less sustainable? Are my present actions contributing to the right direction of evolution? It’s less overwhelming.”

Phil Balagtas

Design Thinking and Speculative Design

“User ethnography is a huge part of our discipline. We say to walk in the other person’s shoes, and we need to have the empathy for how users live and work to design the right solution for them. You have to leave your assumptions and really immerse yourself. Some people do method acting, they’ll use a wheelchair for example in order to get into the user’s brain and understand how they move through a city.”

Ryann Foelker

Strategic Design

On capacity building: “I could lock myself in a room and write about the future and present it, but everyone would poke holes in it, which is fine, but in a co-creative process those holes would be revealed earlier and there would be buy-in and ownership… The key is diversity of thought.”